The Heritage Neighbourhood Watch Association Meeting

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Members of the Devco and Lusco Team attended the meeting of the Heritage Neighbourhood Watch Association on April 9, 2019 at the invite of its President, Mrs. Sonia Reckley.  The Heritage Association is part of the National Neighbourhood Watch Council launched by the Prime Minister in May 2018.  Key aspects of the restrictive covenants for Heritage were outlined and residents were reminded that they along with the Developer had the right to enforce the restrictive covenants if there was a breach. The team heard some of the concerns regarding derelict vehicles, unkept yards, stray dogs and illegal dumping in the neighbourhood and agreed to address these.  Christine van der Linde, Customer Service Manager and Cory Cartwright, Lusco Supervisor emphasized the importance of paying service charges in order to ensure that resources were available to carry out maintenance in the subdivision. Devco and Lusco agreed to work with the Heritage residents in order to better their community and make it a safe place to work and play.

The Heritage Neighbourhood Watch Association Meeting

Front Row seated from left to right

Carolyn Laing Rolle, Superintendent Sherry Armaly, Sonia Reckley, President, National Neighbourhood Watch Council, Heritage (NNWCH), Charisse Brown, Senior Legal Counsel, Devco, Christine van der Linde, Customer Services Manager, Devco

Back Row from left to right:

Latoya Lewis, Romina Evans, Andrea Moss, Secretary (NNWCH), Liaison Officer Moss, Tammi Mitchell, Cory Cartwright, Lusco Supervisor, Liaison Officer Tamara King-Hopkins, Laverne Weech, Devco, Charles Pratt, Senior Manager of Sales and Commercial Development, Devco, Jenny Russell