About Us

Developing & Expanding the Vision by Creating Ownership.

DEVCO is a multifaceted real estate and development company with an inventory of 70,000 acres based on Grand Bahama. When it comes to what we do, we’re focused on expanding your vision and bringing you closer to acquiring your dream land.

Who We Are

The Grand Bahama Development Company Limited (DEVCO) is a joint venture between Hutchison Development (Bahamas) Limited (a member of the CK Asset Group) and Port Group Limited.

Here at DEVCO, we're responsible for master planning the land zoned for tourist/commercial and residential use within the Lucaya area of Grand Bahama Island. Its portfolio of 75,000 acres contains approximately 40,000 individual lots in 45 subdivisions, 10 miles of pristine beachfront development property and seven miles of fully bulk headed seawater canal system.

Grand Bahama Development Company - DEVCO
Grand Bahama Development Company - DEVCO

What We Do

Each and every day, we work to undertake large scale development on our own accord or through powerful joint ventures with proven, well-funded partners. We even offer our land for sale to third-party developers who are looking to make an investment in our wonderful island paradise. Throughout our 50 years in business, we’ve built a sound foundation in development and extensive expertise in real estate investments. In addition, we’ve developed powerful partnerships that have allowed us to work in-tandem with government and the GBPA to introduce new investment and development opportunities to Grand Bahama.

Our Mission

To cause land development on the island of Grand Bahama through successful partnerships, producing sustained economic growth and dynamic communities for successive generations, one subdivision at a time.

Grand Bahama Development Company - DEVCO
Grand Bahama Development Company - DEVCO - Staff / Team

Our People

We’ve built our team around the knowledge, experience, and passion of real estate professionals, investors, and experienced developers who understand just what it takes to grow an economy, establish a community, and breathe new life into a region. Together, we work each and every day to show investors, developers, and home buyers just how much of an opportunity they have at hand here on Grand Bahama, and we do everything we can to ensure that they make the best informed decision.
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