Development Opportunities

Explore our diverse portfolio. We are always prepared to assist our clients who make Lucaya, Grand Bahama their investment choice.

Our Portfolio

DEVCO's portfolio comprises 10 miles of pristine world-class beachfront property, twenty miles of fully bulk headed seawater canal systems and 40,000 individual lots in 45 subdivisions that can perfectly accommodate your development vision.  We encourage mixed used and diverse development projects with sustainable solutions that address the rigors of climate change.

Our Location Advantage 

  • Close proximity & access to the US by air and sea (including an airport with US pre-clearance).
  • A tax-light jurisdiction presents an attractive solution to the opacity in future developed market regimes. Freeport provides a tax-light environment. (i.e. no capital gain taxes, no income taxes, no corporation taxes, no import/export taxes).
  • Clean air & fresh water, abundant natural capital, and pristine beachfront & canals.
  • Temperate Caribbean sun and beach climate similar to popular vacation and residential destinations such as Naples & West Palm Beach.
  • All planning, zoning, permitting and licensing given by The Grand Bahama Port Authority, Limited (GBPA).

Land Title

Title to Devco’s land is free and clear, subject to the payment of Service Charges which are used to fund common-area maintenance projects.

GBPA License

 Investors are required to obtain a Business License from the GBPA and non-Bahamians require approval from the Bahamas Investment Authority. The process for meeting both of these requirements is well-regulated and easily understood.

Licensees of the  GBPA are entitled to exemption from the payment of certain customs duties, excise  taxes, export taxes and taxes on the repatriation of business funds until the year 2054.  Land purchases however, are subject to Government Value Added Tax (VAT).

    Commercial Property & Development Opportunties

    Devco’s tourism and retail commercial-zoned properties are specifically designed to accommodate development projects based on type, land size and value of investment. This category of property has a mandatory development commitment. A written expression of interest should be submitted to outlining:

    • Project scope
    • Land size requirement
    • Value of investment
    • Evidence of financial resources
    • Target market
    • Principal investor(s) and relevant experience