Peaceful Easter Greetings


Easter celebrates the triumph of light over darkness, the conquest of evil by the attributes of love, peace, joy and life. Let us embrace the spirit of the season as a time to rekindle hope in each other and our communities, and in the belief that, together, we will see our island through these uncertain times, and thrive once again.
We entreat you to be especially kind to those in your immediate household. Reach out by phone, text, email – whatever tools you have at your disposal – to extended family, neighbours and friends this weekend. Remember those less fortunate, and those who are risking their lives to provide the essential services we need to be healthy and safe.
The COVID 19 pandemic presents a challenge that we – and the world – have not seen before. But we know through past experience that Grand Bahamians are resilient and strong, and by working together we will recover again.

Peace, fellowship and wellness to all. From all of us at The Grand Bahama Development Company Limited and Lucaya Service Company Limited warmest wishes for a safe, healthy and Peaceful Easter!